We're a team of experienced software designers and developers based in Sweden.
We offer solutions from mobile to desktop and more...

Cool stuff
Raspberry Pi and more

Close to Hardware...

Redstone builds embedded systems using the PIC-family of microcontrollers, and pre-built cards like Raspberry Pi. Our software controls hardware and are used in Computer Vision solutions, machine learning and automated processes and inventions.

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Mobile to desktop
We love responsive design

Responsive Design

When possible we try to build sites using responsive design - one solution for desktops, tablets and smartphones.

We can help you to get the same - check out our offerings and let's get in contact!

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Simplified Project Management

The people working at Redstone make...

Built with Ruby on Rails. Projify is a friendly cloud-based collaboration tool, used by thousands of teams. Comes with native iPhone-app.

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Customer Support System

We also make...

MKassist is the user-friendly, de-facto online service for Independent Skin Consultants in Scandinavia. 100% implemented with Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3.

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